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With significant technical and experiment advantages and advanced technology of both hardware and software, RZN has developed technical specialty of its own to accomplish missions despite intricate geographic conditions. In particular, it is good at dealing with various problems of pile foundation engineering in diagonal strata, karst cave geology and boulder formations. The Technical Department of the company has made continuous research and innovation in pile foundation technology. Over the years, the company has completed 2 inventions and more than 30 utility model patents.

  • Karst layer pilling
  • Construction of bored perfusion pile in coral reef rock
  • Construction of large diameter rock socketed pile in hard rock stratum
  • Raked embedded pilling in boulder layer
  • Raked or raked embedded bored pile work
  • Bentonite anti-collapse technique
  • Construction techniques for underground row pile wall, leakage-proof wall and foundation pit
  • Foundation consolidation and deficiency diagnose for construction
  • Construction of temporary off-shore working platform and access trestle, off-shore pilling
  • Pitched slope and revetment project
  • Mechanical expanding technique for pile bottom
  • soft groundsill dynamic compaction, deep mixing,foundation treatment by CFG pile, high pressure jet grouting, insert drainage plate vacuum combined with surcharge preloading techniques